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Transforming the Warfighter: A Combat Platform for the Digital Battlespace

The modern warfighter is evolving into a fully integrated combat platform, enhanced by seamless human-machine partnerships.

Defense Systems

DOD Should Map the Competing Incentives that Hinder Innovation, Says Air Force 3-Star

That might point the way to needed cultural and structural changes, the service’s strategy-and-requirements leader told the Defense Innovation Board.


DOD to Favor Small-Business Contracts Over 'Best-in-Class' Awards

Contracting officers will prioritize goals for small- and disadvantaged-business contracting over BIC objectives "if achievement of both goals is not possible."

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Enabling On-Demand End-to-End Workflow Automation for Federal Agencies

Provide teams with a layer of abstraction for automated and event-driven workflows from a unified view.


Ukraine Proves U.S. Troops Need Quick Access to Commercial Technology

Ukraine has held off Russia’s attacks using a readily available mix of military and commercial technology. The United States is taking note.


We Don't Have the Missiles to Stop China. Time For Drone Swarms

Despite all the calls to boost production, the U.S. military will be short of key missiles for at least two years. It needs ways to win with what it has now.


Science & Tech

New Institute Will Study How the Defense Department Manages Itself

To “compete on a global stage,” DOD must get a handle on its management practices, Deputy Defense Secretary says.


To Protect Satellites, Secure Your Networks, Chief of Space Ops Says

Cyber attacks can undermine space-based capabilities, Gen. Chance Saltzman said.


The Doomsday Clock is Ticking on Biosecurity

Countries around the world must cooperate and deepen their investments in global health and biosecurity strategies.


Over-Classification Undermines Democracy, US Intelligence Director Says

The investigations into handling of sensitive documents by former presidents and vice presidents have brought problems with the classification system back into the spotlight. 

Science & Tech

Test Flight Brings Hypersonic Program to Successful Close, DARPA Says

The HAWC effort has produced two “feasible hypersonic airbreathing missile designs.”


Marines Reactivate Guam Base to Boost Pacific Footprint

Camp Blaz will become a “strategic hub” and a joint and allied training center.


Military Must Recruit More Women, Immigrants for the Future Force, Experts Say

At symposium on building the all-volunteer force of 2040, panelists push back on criticism of diversity initiatives.