Writers Guidelines

Defense One is a property of Government Executive Media Group, providing breaking news and analysis on the future of defense and national security.

With an open-door policy to new and innovative voices, Defense One is a high-level, highly-visible venue to start or continue a conversation about national security issues, topics and trends — from timely analysis on the hottest news events of the day to shining a critical light where one is needed. We feature a constant stream of articles, analysis, columns and reporting that informs defense professionals, stakeholders and citizens with what they need to know. Our audience ranges from senior government leaders in Washington to military commanders around the globe, stalwart industry professionals to next-generation thinkers.

Most successful Defense One submissions run 800 words or less, make a clear and convincing argument, and cover a topic about which the author is clearly qualified to speak. Like this. Or this. Or this. For more substantive pieces of over 1,500 words, please pitch your idea first. And feel free to use links in your text, but don't use footnotes.

Defense One pays only for original, reported articles. Freelance reporters, please inquire about current rates. 

Topics should be relevant to current news events and fall within at least one of Defense One’s five channels: Threats, Politics, Management, Technology and Ideas. Defense One does not entertain industry product pitches, book reviews, academic theses, or unqualified analysis. 

If you’d like to write for Defense One, contact us at submissions@defenseone.com.