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Beyond Mobile: Live Webcast with DARPA’s Dan Kaufman

DARPA’s information innovation chief explains why asking what’s next for ‘mobile’ means you’re already behind the curve, live online at 2 p.m. By Kevin Baron

Defense technology firms may be asking what's next for “mobile,” but researchers at DARPA, the Defense Advance Research Project Agency, have moved "beyond mobile", says Director for Information Innovation Dan Kaufman. He is responsible for identifying and developing new technologies for the military. The more contemporary concern is securing military networks, no matter the platform, as DOD shifts from the last battlefields and into a post-war, interconnected era.

Join Defense One for a live broadcast conversation with Kaufman about what comes next for defense technologies. What questions are military commanders asking of DARPA? What innovations is the Defense Department exploring? And what new opportunities does the department see in the future?

Watch live here.

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