Busting Up Big Tech is Popular, But Here’s what the US May Lose

Lawmakers don’t like them, but what they bring to the competition with China may be too valuable to break up.

Was the Pentagon’s Blacklist of Chinese Companies Justified?

An independent study of the list found China uses its favored companies to wipe out competition and spread economic influence.

The Pentagon's Platform One Offers an Ambitious Model for the Future of Software

In an interview, the Air Force’s chief software officer described the potential for a profound transformation for cybersecurity.

There’s a Bigger Threat Than Big Tech. It’s Big China

As lawmakers grill U.S. technology CEOs, they should ask not just about their near-monopoly power today, but also about staving off Chinese dominance tomorrow.

America’s Innovation Engine Is Slowing

Universities are in trouble and the influx of brainpower from overseas is shrinking. The long-term consequences could be disastrous.

Justice Official Explains Why Law Enforcement is Worried about 5G

As the government works to deploy next generation networking technology, policy discussions highlight rifts between agency stakeholders.

Wednesday’s Hack Shows that The Whole World Is in Your Twitter DMs

We treat direct messages on Twitter as private conversations. Last night’s hack shows that isn’t the case.

Build Allies Into Tomorrow’s Battlefield Network, Army Leaders Say

The service is trying to build a communications network that’s big enough to include coalition partners but small enough to fit on a truck and drive off to war.

Peter Thiel’s New Man In The Defense Department

The new head of defense research and engineering comes from the White House with a relatively light resume.

Russia Wants Its Civil and Military Sectors to Cooperate. So Far, Not So Much

So U.S. policymakers should watch out for Russian efforts to avoid sanctions through trade with China.

Biden Pledged to ‘Prohibit’ US Tech Companies From Helping China. It Won’t Be Easy

There’s a growing bipartisan appetite to block and ban China from buying U.S. tech. But actually enforcing blockades requires work.

Defense Firms Unlikely to Win Extension to Purge Banned Chinese Tech

Armed Services Chairman Rep. Adam Smith is asking GAO to report on compliance, as companies ask for more time.

Navy's $70 Billion Financial System Now in the Cloud

Just "one database contained more than 13 terabytes of data." Amazon moved the entire system in 10 months, eight ahead of schedule.

The Army Team That Is Trying to See, and Shape, the Future

The team’s scientists are charting how advances in various fields will unlock more advances, out to 2050.

New NSA Effort Aims to Help Smaller Defense Firms Ward Off Malware

A pilot program allows select firms to get third-party help in securing their websites.

The Intelligence Community Wants New COVID-19 Tracking Tools

A call has gone out for contactless testing, contact tracing without smartphones, mutation mapping, and more.