A key Pentagon data-analysis tool is getting ease-of-use upgrades

The Advana platform is being rebuilt to handle data differently.

How Estonia is becoming a hotbed for drone warfare

Projects include experimental loitering munitions that cost a fraction of U.S. equivalents.

Air Force tests AI-designed, 3D-printed drones

Qatar-based Task Force 99 is also eyeing a new U.S. component.


Pentagon pauses development of its go-to data analytics tool

New data chief orders infrastructure improvements to Advana platform, which tracks Ukraine aid and many other things.

The Navy wants to crowdsource innovation

CTO urges the Navy Department to hold more “structured challenges” to spur breakthroughs.

Space Force inches closer to classified remote work

The platform could be a popular remote-work solution for Space Systems Command.

CYBERCOM, DARPA pen agreement to speed up advanced cyberwarfare research

The accord follows a 2022 announcement of the joint-agency Constellation cyber prototyping program.

Army taps some of its biggest programs for new digital engineering push

Long-awaited guidance aims to make computerized design the standard across the service.

DOD: Russia’s use of Starlink will be a ‘continuous problem’ in Ukraine

The Pentagon and SpaceX have been working together to shut off Russia’s use of Starlink.

Defense now dramatically outweighs offense, thanks to new tech: Army Futures Command

The realization may have wide-reaching implications for how the Army trains and equips its forces.

China’s new stealth bomber ‘nowhere near as good’ as US’s, intel official says

U.S. could win a war with China today, but would suffer heavy losses, the official told reporters.

An AI took on a human pilot in a DARPA-sponsored dogfight

Last September's tests are informing the Air Force’s effort to build autonomous drones.

To adapt command posts to modern war, Army wants more commercial tech

Plans include more commercial satellite tech, plus more options to hide within commercial communications traffic.

The Army’s relationship with Austin hits new stride—and snags

Amid the protests that met Pentagon officials at the SXSW mega-conference, there were signs of new interest from the tech industry.

What is the Space Force’s new Futures Command?

Officials announced a fourth field command as part of the Air Force’s massive reoptimization effort.