Space Force to Spend $340 Million on New Training Infrastructure

The service’s budget proposal also includes $99 million in the next year for updated space launch ranges, and $1 billion more across the next five years.

Air Force Won’t Buy Hypersonic Missiles in 2024, Official Says

The service will spend the next year continuing to develop and test two candidate weapons, a budget leader said.

One Year In: What Are The Lessons from Ukraine For The Future Of War?

From drones to network attacks to the LikeWar of social media, the conflict marks a turning point from old to new.

Send Me Software, Not Hardware, Navy Infowar Leader Says

“Boxes of computers” aren’t so helpful aboard space-limited ships, Rear Adm. Doug Small said.

A ‘Modern National Security Strategy’: Q&A with Rep. Ro Khanna

The ranking member of a HASC tech subcommittee has thoughts on China, chips, and how the Pentagon should integrate its approach to both.

Don’t Neglect ‘Small-Data’ AI

Big-data artificial intelligence may prove unsuitable for defense applications.

DOD Should Map the Competing Incentives that Hinder Innovation, Says Air Force 3-Star

That might point the way to needed cultural and structural changes, the service’s strategy-and-requirements leader told the Defense Innovation Board.

New Institute Will Study How the Defense Department Manages Itself

To “compete on a global stage,” DOD must get a handle on its management practices, Deputy Defense Secretary says.

The Pentagon’s Innovation Shop Wants More Influence in 2023

The agency wants to be part of program executives’ acquisition strategies and to spread more commercial-based tech across the department.

Is China About To Destroy Encryption As We Know It? Maybe

A new research paper claims to offer a quantum-powered code-breaker of spectacular power. “If it's true, it's pretty disastrous,” says one expert.

Right Hands, Right Place: Why We Must Push Military Technology Experimentation to the Edge

The Pentagon will struggle to keep up with rapidly evolving threats unless it gets better at sending promising new gear to deployed troops.

State Department Opens Emerging-Tech Office

The Special Envoy for Critical and Emerging Technology will facilitate strategic partnerships to develop and regulate innovative technology.

Google Cloud Gets DOD's Blessing. But Will It Win Contracts?

Within days, the Pentagon is expected to announce winners of its up-to-$9 billion tactical cloud effort.

Air Force Unveils New B-21 Stealth Bomber After Seven Years in the Making

Hundreds of VIPs and thousands of Northrop employees applauded as tail number 0001 was shown off with help from lasers and fog machines.