Here’s the Last Hurdle Keeping Subs from Being Drone Motherships

The unmanned underwater vehicles need software that enables them to come back aboard via torpedo tube.

Not Even State Media Believes Kremlin Claims that a Russia-Only Internet Is Ready to Go

But a series of August tests shows that Moscow is still working to enable the country to unplug from the World Wide Web.

You Get a Software Factory! And You Get a Software Factory!

DISA’s Vulcan program aims to give defense agencies and field activities all the tools they need to improve their software development practices.

Ash Carter’s Lasting Legacy

The former defense secretary leaves behind a much stronger Pentagon-Silicon Valley relationship.

Every State But One Uses Federally Banned Foreign Tech, Report Says

More than 1,600 state and local government entities have purchased products or services from blackballed Chinese companies, CSET report finds.

The Military’s Network Warfare Experiment Scaled Up This Year

The U.S. Army-led experiment attempted to create a lot more targets, challenges, and complexities to test out futuristic concepts.

Sensible Talk Aboard a UK Aircraft Carrier. But Does It Come Too Late?

New poll shows US, UK publics aren’t buying what national-security experts have been selling.

New Lockheed Office Seeks Partnerships With Mid-Size Firms

It’s the company’s latest move to provide militarized commercial tech to the Pentagon.

White House Aims for Bio-Defense ‘Moonshots’ In New Strategy

Biden wants more rapid testing, vaccine production, etc. using breakthrough technologies.

L3Harris Wants To Add Drone Data Streams To Night Vision Goggles

Improving image quality and broadening the amount of data feeds available are priorities for future versions.

Small Radios On Armored Vehicles Will Be a Big Step Toward the Army's Networked Future

The challenges include trying to install them and making sure they don’t run out of range.

Here Is the Counterdrone Kit the US Is Sending Ukraine

Made by L3Harris Technologies, the system can be quickly installed on different types of vehicles.

To Protect America, Loosen Visa Caps for STEM Experts

America must dismantle the obstacles that dissuade the world’s brightest innovators from coming.

Rheinmetall, Partners Detail Armored Fighting Vehicle It’s Pitching to Replace Army’s Bradley

Executives touted each company’s unique technology and expertise as their special sauce.

Soldiers Can Use Their Phones For Work Under New Army Pilot

Unlike other Pentagon BYOD efforts, this one taps the cloud for a secure remote work experience.