These Are the Riskiest ‘Smart City’ Technologies, Cybersecurity Experts Say

Technology like sensors built into infrastructure and emergency alerts has possible benefits, but in a new study dozens of experts weigh in on where some of the more significant pitfalls may lie.

Pentagon Picks Lockheed, Northrop-Raytheon Team to Develop Missile Interceptors

Officials reject a bid by Boeing, which builds the current generation of missile interceptors.

UK Confirms Plans to Add F-35s, But Won’t Commit to Original Goal

Officials have promised to buy 48, are thinking about buying more, but wouldn’t say whether the 138-plane vision will ever be realized.

DARPA to Hire Biz Execs to Help Its Researchers Take Tech to Market

In a cooperative effort with In-Q-Tel, 150 research teams will get funds to help develop go-to-market strategies.

Defense Innovation Unit Launched 23 Projects Last Year, Up One-Third

The group also sent 11 capabilities to Defense Department partners, according to its annual report.

US Unprepared for AI Competition with China, Commission Finds

Retaining the current dwindling edge will take White House leadership and a substantial investment, according to the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence.

Why Invest in Hypersonic Technology?

Weapons aren’t the endgame. Hypersonic aircraft are next.

Air Force General: If US Doesn’t Hurry to Build New Fighter, China Will

A test version of the highly classified Next Generation Air Dominance aircraft flew last year.

F-35 Still the ‘Cornerstone’ Fighter, Top Air Force General Says 

After calling for a new fighter, Gen. Brown clarified the F-35 is alive and well while a new study reevaluates fighters and drones for 2036.

What Can the Pentagon Realistically Get from Its Advisory Boards?

A former chair says the boards provide a lot, could do better — and help weed out impractical or oversold ideas.

DOD’s Smart Warehouse-Enabling 5G Network Underway

An initial demonstration should occur this summer, an official said.

What the Fear of China Is Doing to American Science

A campaign against Chinese scientists threatens the openness that defines U.S. universities.

A Sharper Approach to China’s Military-Civil Fusion Strategy Begins by Dispelling Myths

MCF isn't new. It's not all-encompassing. It's not even uniquely Chinese.

Hicks Warns Against ‘Extreme Consolidation’ in Defense Industry

Kathleen Hicks, President Biden's pick to be deputy defense secretary, cruised through her confirmation confirmation hearing.

Pentagon Advisory Boards Need to Offer 10X Ideas, Not 10% Ones

DoD's 40-plus boards must be restructured to help the department think far bigger.

USAF Goes Commercial for Project-Management App

The service aims to accelerate its digitization by adopting product lifecycle management software already used by industry.