Why Do US Hypersonic Missile Tests Keep Failing? They’re Going Too Fast

If it’s so important to deploy these new missile types, development schedules should be revised to promote success.

2021 Top Ten: Tech

Along with AI and JADC2, the year's top tech stories include the Army's December announcement of a vaccine that covers all possible COVID variants.

This Air Force Targeting AI Thought It Had a 90% Success Rate. It Was More Like 25%

Too little of the right kind of data can throw off target algorithms. But try telling the algorithm that.

How China Is Challenging US Central Command, Digitally

The Pentagon may have “CENTCOM fatigue,” but Beijing is pushing into the Middle East, warns the command’s communications chief.

DODIIS Conference Wire: USAF's Information Warfare

On Day 2 of the conference, a look at how the Air Force's new IW operating concepts.

DODIIS Conference Wire: AI's Promise and Peril

As DODIIS opened, several leaders said machine learning would help keep tabs on Russian and Chinese advances—eventually.

Austin Warns Against Over-Hyping Recent Chinese Weapons Tests

The defense secretary also pushed for deeper ties between the Pentagon and technology firms.

Two Cheers for the Pentagon’s New Data and AI Initiative

If the reorganization can overcome bureaucratic hurdles, it could preserve U.S. data and AI leadership.

DHS Reveals Next Research Interests

The Department of Homeland Security wants industry comment on AI, biohazard tracking, and more.

Air Force-Backed Startup Reveals Hypersonic Aircraft Prototype

The company fired the drone’s afterburning engine during a ceremony in Atlanta.

Quantum Sensor Breakthrough Paves Way For GPS-Free Navigation

The main problem wasn’t weird subatomic physics. It was finding a simpler way to maintain a vacuum.

One of Four Boosters Fails in Rapid-Fire Hypersonic Tests

Three launches got off successfully from Virginia; investigations have begun into the Alaska failure.

It’s Not About Submarines. It’s about Software

Important as AUKUS submarines are in the military balance, the new way of deterrence will be about the strength, speed, and resilience of software.

Army Delays IVAS Display Headset by a Year

Officials cited problems with the unusually wide field of view.

DDS Security Clearance Tool Evolves into ‘SITH’ Insider Threat Program

The Defense Digital Service’s automated investigations tool turns to the dark side of insider threat hunting and gets rebranded to match.

Army Gets Strategic About Going Digital

Policy reforms and technology boosts are in the pipeline, military leaders confirmed.