Pentagon’s Top Science Official Adds to Tech-Breakthrough Wishlist

Heidi Shyu, R&D undersecretary, said she went looking for tech areas to trim—and found that some vital ones had been overlooked.

Lockheed Opens New Hypersonic Weapons Factory In Alabama

The manufacturing plant is the third digital factory opened by the world’s largest defense contractor this year.

Soldiers’ Super Suits Will Sense Surroundings Soon

Tooth microphones and spider senses could be coming to a battlefield near you.

Why Both Sides of the Atlantic Should Come Together on Tech

Insufficient coordination on investment priorities, integration, and governance has created space for Chinese and Russian gains.

Air Force Chief Anticipates ‘Something Special’ for B-21 Public Debut

The Raider is still on schedule to make its first test flight with the next year, Air Force chief says.

Users Can’t Be Afterthoughts in the Pentagon’s AI Efforts

The troops, commanders, and civilians who will use artificial-intelligence tools have vital roles to play in creating, training, and improving them.

Vulnerabilities May Slow Air Force’s Adoption of Artificial Intelligence

More data on the battlefield means a wider attack surface, something the Defense Department has yet to prepare for, experts say.

AFA Conference Wire: Keeping AI Safe From Bad Data

News and notes from the 2021 Air Force Association's Air, Space & Cyber conference.

US Air Force Developing Combat Tanker-Airlifter that Can Land on Water

In a conflict with China, aircraft will need flexibility in basing, and that means water takeoffs, landings.

Five Ways 9/11 Changed the Defense Industry

More outsourcing, more services contracts, more generals on corporate boards—and that's just for starters.

The Third Revolution in Warfare

First there was gunpowder. Then nuclear weapons. Next: artificially intelligent weapons.

USAF Wants Wearables to Spot Outbreaks Faster

Top officials are also looking into data integration and digital traceability tools to help keep staff healthy.

The Taliban Reportedly Have Control of US Biometric Devices

Up to 32 million Afghans are tagged in a system that DOD and the Afghan government used for criminal prosecutions, background checks, and voter registration.

House Bill Aims to Bridge Acquisition ‘Valley of Death’ In Race to Counter China

A draft of the House NDAA markup outlines two provisions to fix the gap between research and acquisition.

How One Tech Entrepreneur Is Scaling Up Veteran-Led Evacuation Efforts

Volunteers in the U.S. are telling fleeing Afghans where Taliban traps are.

Hypersonic Missile Defense May Depend on Low Earth Orbit Satellites

Sensors in relatively low orbits may be the best way to spot superfast missiles—but they can’t do the job alone.