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Kevin Baron

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Kevin Baron
Kevin Baron is the founding executive editor of Defense One. Baron has lived in Washington for more than 20 years, covering international affairs, the military, the Pentagon, Congress, and politics for Foreign Policy, National Journal, Stars and Stripes, and the Boston Globe, where he ran investigative projects for five years at the Washington bureau. He is a frequent on-air contributor and previously was national security/military analyst at NBC News & MSNBC. Baron cut his muckraking teeth at the Center for Public Integrity and he is twice a Polk Award winner and a former vice president of the Pentagon Press Association. A member of the Council on Foreign Relations, Baron earned his M.A. in media and public affairs from George Washington University, B.A. in international studies from the University of Richmond, and studied in Paris. Raised in Florida, Baron now lives in Northern Virginia.

US Denies Ukraine’s Request for Long-Range Missiles in Latest Arms Gift

Ukraine can reach the “vast majority” of targets with what they already have, a Pentagon official says.


In NYC, a Bronx Cheer for Putin, Trump, and the Aging UN

As the General Assembly met for the first time since Russia invaded Ukraine, Biden warned against nuclear war and the UN’s growing irrelevance. Will he do more?

Exclusive Policy

After Roe, ‘We Do Have Options’ to Avoid Anti-Abortion States, Army Chief Says

As ever, soldiers can indicate their station preferences—but the Army’s needs come first, Gen. McConville says.


China’s New Ambassador Warns US Has ‘Gone Too Far’ Over Taiwan

Qin Gang is setting himself up as the unflinching mouthpiece of an assertive Beijing. Can he win over Washington?


Trump Wants Concentration Camps and Presidential Control of Domestic Troops

The disgraced former president said the next chief executive should take control of the National Guard from state governors and deploy troops to quell cities.

Science & Tech

How NORAD Plans to Ward Off Cruise Missiles Fired at the US

The command has goals for 2025 and 2030, but wants more guidance from the Pentagon.


Russia is ‘About to Run Out of Steam,’ MI6 Chief Says

Ukraine is “still a winnable campaign,” and America’s divisions are undermining its global influence, said Britain’s spy chief in a rare and sweeping public interview.


What the West Has Given Is Not Enough to Win, Ukraine Says

Central and Eastern European defense ministers say limited arms packages will not defeat Russia in the Donbas or deter invasion elsewhere.


Another Killer Dressed Up Like a Special Operator

The SOF community could do more to protect what they’ve earned and shame wannabes who dress to kill.


A Swedish Compromise Won’t Solve NATO’s Turkey Problem

As two Nordic nations bid to join, Erdogan’s hostage-taking should force the alliance to reckon with a member that is increasingly a security risk.


Does the West Want Ukraine to Win or Not?

The relative trickle of advanced weapons to Kyiv suggests Western leaders would be fine with a stalemate.


How Much Can US Howitzers Help Ukraine?

Everybody’s talking about the fabled long-range guns. Here’s why.


NATO Deploys Response Forces; Warns Russia ‘We Will Defend Every Inch’ of Alliance

Rare emergency summit produces unprecedented order to activate a wide range of ready capabilities.


The Battle for Ukraine: What We Know So Far

Ukrainians fought back as Russian armor pushed toward cities, U.S. says. And more Americans are deploying to NATO’s eastern front.


World Leaders Vow Retribution as Russian Forces Press Deeper into Ukraine

"This is a declaration of war against the whole of Europe,” says Ukrainian president, as NATO, UN members begin to enact responses.


An Exiled Russian Dissident Watches Putin Invade Ukraine

“Russia doesn’t need to invade Ukraine for there to be justification for sanctions today,” said a confidante of Alexey Navalny on a low-profile visit to Washington.


Putin Orders Russian Troops to Invade Eastern Ukraine

Declaring two Ukrainian regions “independent,” Putin dispatched “peacekeepers” and warned Ukraine not to fight back. The White House issued immediate sanctions.