Social Warfare: Test Your Knowledge

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1. ________ is when an image, video or information circulates at increasingly rapid rates, creating a massive multiplying effect that ultimately propels the content worldwide.

2. What four critical factors of social media data make it complicated to analyze?

3. What crucial, somewhat unusual, role did social media play in the 2014 invasion of Iraq?

4. True or false? ISIS also used an app to foster support during the same invasion.

5. During the fall of Mosul, United States adversaries in ISIS used social media to wage a propaganda campaign. The use of information operations in this instance bore a striking resemblance to which other infamous siege?

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All questions must be answered before you can continue.

6. Social media and earlier innovations in communication saw wide adoption because of their profound impacts on the media landscape at large. Which other medium started this trend by making it easy for news outlets to emphasize speed over accuracy?

7. Approximately how many people currently access the internet?

8. In a recent study of 1,300 ISIS propaganda videos distributed via social media, 20% of the videos were deemed as having been inspired by what?

9. When advancing objectives, what two goals seem to drive the information operations of authoritarian regimes seizing or defending power?

10. Which United States Army facility houses the Joint Readiness Training Center and serves as the training ground for innovative approaches to emerging warfare tactics, where today’s soldiers are developing and learning ways to respond to the increasingly hectic information environment?