Advancing Munitions Accuracy with 50 Years of Defense Electronics Expertise.

Presented by Analog Devices

For the world’s most critical missions — where precision and performance are paramount—today’s leading defense industry partners know you need more than just superior components to build the latest generation of missiles and munitions. You need integrated signal chain design that only an electronics supplier with deep experience in the category can help deliver.

With Analog Devices, the mission starts with 50 years of defense industry electronics expertise and the industry’s broadest portfolio of semiconductor products. Then it continues with the ability to seamlessly integrate hardware, software and security throughout the signal chain, meeting the increased global demand for an uncompromising level of performance.

The other critical component defense partners look for is the ability for these munitions components and subsystems to survive and perform under the harshest conditions imaginable. From the punishing ballistic demands of vibration and acceleration (up to as much as 20,000 g’s) to the extreme temperature ranges in both operating and storage environments, you can count on Analog Devices to complete your critical design mission anywhere and everywhere it needs to go. Key areas of focus are as follows:

Targeting Systems

ADI supports major missile and projectile programs with targeting and seeker head solutions that allow for superior integration and size reduction, while maintaining the performance required in the modern battle space.

Guidance Control

Hypersonic speeds and flight dynamics drive the need for precise movement of control surfaces. ADI provides precision sensing and motion systems for both control surfaces and launcher positioning.

MEMS-based Ordnance Stabilization

Where stability and accuracy matter most, ADI is the leader in MEMS-based gyroscope, accelerometer and IMU solutions. This results in subsystems that don’t just meet rugged performance demands but also modern size and geometry requirements.


As unique in-flight challenges occur with high speed projectiles and missiles systems, ADI’s extensive line of telemetry components, centered around the RadioVerse™ family of transceivers, provide accurate performance, damage assessments and verification.

When you consider all the ways that ADI supports modern aerospace and defense efforts, it’s no wonder that the Massachusetts-based electronics provider is designed into more than 45 missile systems worldwide. It’s also no surprise that there’s increasing interest and excitement around their MEMS capabilities. Because so many of the existing technologies are often either too large or just simply don’t meet desired performance specs, more and more customers are partnering with ADI to support a host of MEMS-based applications. As ADI surpasses the 1 degree per hour IMU barrier, small MEMS devices can now be incorporated into newer technologies like soldier wearables, small munitions, and barrel stabilizations systems along with historical applications such as ADAHARS, UAVs, and vehicle stability. More ways Analog Devices is there when the mission is truly critical. 

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