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Pentagon eyes Starship, designed for Mars, for military missions somewhat closer to home

After a successful, if abbreviated, third test flight, SpaceX’s reusable mega-rocket might be ready before the U.S. military is.

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The big AI research DARPA is funding this year

The Defense Department’s key research arm will experiment with ethical chatbots and new robot super pilots.

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Army to launch deep sensing cross-functional team and equip units with experimental tech

The 101st’s Airborne Division’s second brigade will be the first unit to be equipped with new, experimental tech.

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The Pentagon is funding new chip designs for the AI era

A $78 million DARPA program aims to enable super-smart computing in remote battlefield conditions.

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VPN ban is Kremlin’s latest effort to quash dissent

Russian companies are now forbidden to advertise or offer virtual private network services.

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General Atomics’ ‘robot wingman’ makes first flight

The company is in the running to build collaborative combat aircraft for the Air Force.

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China is building its own Starlink—even as questions surround Musk's constellation

A recent rocket launch lofted satellites for a Chinese service to mimic SpaceX, which was slammed this weekend by a top U.S. lawmaker.

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Is Russia putting an anti-satellite nuke in space?

A long-ago U.S. test showed the kind of havoc that could wreak in orbit.

Exclusive Policy

US may cut info-warfare assets as China, Russia expand influence ops

Key psyops units may get squeezed by a Pentagon effort to trim special-operations forces.

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Robot wingmen vs. China: What a think tank’s wargame revealed about a key USAF concept

As the Air Force contemplates a range of price points, the tabletop exercise suggests cheaper is better.