US agrees to build icebreakers with Canada, Finland

White House hopes Ice Pact will boost shipbuilding in democratic countries while it addresses Arctic challenges.


New Arctic strategy? Good. Now do one for the Antarctic

China and Russia aren’t limiting their adventurism to the northern polar region.

Exclusive Threats

With eye toward Russia and China, NORTHCOM concludes special mission in the Arctic

“It's really both competitors we see operating up there, routinely,” commander says.


Greenland's Melting Ice Has Locked In 10 Inches of Ocean Rise, Study Finds

Observations show the ice sheet is liquifying faster than models predicted.


In the Newly Noisy Arctic, Underwater Operations Are Getting Harder

Less ice means more ships, which means more problems for sonar operators and their skippers.


Blinken’s Arctic Opportunities

The secretary of state can make real diplomatic progress on several key areas.


The Arctic Is No Substitute for Suez. We Should Keep It That Way.

One obvious way to reduce tensions in the region is to slow climate change and the use of northern sea routes.


Expect More Wargames, Attention & Allies in the Arctic, Say Air and Space Force Chiefs

The first Arctic strategy of the Space Force era declares the region vital for US satellites and nuclear missile defenses — and in need of a lot of foreign help.


US Air Force, Space Force: Here Is Your New Arctic Strategy

America’s most active services in the region have a four-part plan to support the National Defense Strategy.


Ep. 71: The future of Arctic security, with U.S. Coast Guard Adm. Karl Schultz

The Coast Guard commandant shares some of his concerns about China, Russia, how the coronavirus has challenged the force, and more.


Today’s Arctic Diplomacy Can’t Handle Tomorrow’s Problems

A new forum is needed to address military and security issues in the region.


While ‘Arctic Exceptionalism’ Melts Away, the US Isn't Sure What It Wants Next

Global competition is coming to the northern polar region. U.S. policymakers are not clear on a fundamental question about its future.


NATO Must Engage in the Arctic

If you thought the alliance was already involved in the High North, you're not alone. But as great power presence turns hotter, it's time to get in the game.


Russia, China Offer Challenges in the Arctic

America’s top naval commander in Europe looks at the geostrategic challenges of the warming High North.


Trump’s New Arctic Policy Has a Familiar Ring

Administration officials are talking tough on Russia and China, while picking fights with allies that are making U.S. goals harder to achieve.


The Next ‘South China Sea’ Is Covered in Ice

The State Department will soon have a permanent presence in Greenland for the first time since the 1950s.