The goal of 100K artillery shells per month is back in sight, Army says

The new supplemental renews the push to boost production sixfold since Russia’s Ukraine invasion.

Defense Systems

The Army is trying to identify all the obstacles to adopting AI in 100 days

Launched in March, the effort is looking at poisoned datasets, adversarial attacks, Trojans, and more.

Science & Tech

Army SOF's new drone course teaches gamer and maker skills

By graduation, the students will know how to build their own drones and teach foreign partners on tactics.


Army recruiting on pace to hit goal—and break a years-long streak

Service secretary says new initiatives have put the 55,000-recruit goal within reach.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 149: The state of the Army

Our annual State of Defense series continues with a focus on the Army.


What about Ukraine’s Abrams tanks?

Recent losses underscore the importance of doctrine and training—not just weapons—in war.

Science & Tech

To adapt command posts to modern war, Army wants more commercial tech

Plans include more commercial satellite tech, plus more options to hide within commercial communications traffic.


The State of the Army 2024

The cancellation of a scout helicopter might signal a new era of agility.

Science & Tech

The Army’s relationship with Austin hits new stride—and snags

Amid the protests that met Pentagon officials at the SXSW mega-conference, there were signs of new interest from the tech industry.