Who Are the Private Contractors Fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan?

An inside look at this invisible military force.


Lockheed Martin is Waging War on Boeing’s F-15EX

The F-35 maker sees the Pentagon’s plans to buy new F-15s for the first time in 19 years as a threat.


Defense Companies Starting to Feel Effect of US Government Shutdown

Firms working for NASA, DHS, and other shuttered federal agencies are taking hits to their cash flow.


Civilians Are Cheaper Than Contractors for Most Defense Jobs, Internal Report Finds

Contractors are particularly more expensive in the capital and Southeastern regions, according to a report obtained exclusively by Government Executive.

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Someone Is Waging a Secret War to Undermine the Pentagon’s Huge Cloud Contract

The battle for the Defense Department’s $10 billion war cloud is getting a lot more interesting.

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You May Have to Wait 2 Years to Get That Security Clearance

The metrics fail to capture the real-world impact of the backlog, which includes careers put on hold and the loss of top talent, says Raytheon\'s Jane Chappell.


Report: Insecure Contractor Emails Leave Government Vulnerable

Federal IT contractors aren’t using an email security tool that’s now mandated for agencies.

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DOD Issued a $7 Million Cloud Support Contract To a Company With One Employee

The Defense Department awarded a sole-source contract to Eagle Harbor Solutions, an Alaska-based small business with a single employee, to consult in its major cloud acquisition.


Booz Allen Hamilton Wins $621 Million DHS Cyber Contract

The six-year project will expand the continuous diagnostics and mitigation services DHS provides to other agencies.


Defense Contractors Begin Early Shutdown Preparations

Private firms are already ahead of the government in their planning, experts say.


Defense Contractors Should Fear More Than Trump’s Tweets

It’s not just Lockheed and Boeing. As president, Trump can mess with just about any contract he wants, even high-priced fighter jets, ships and armored trucks.


Back to Iraq: US Military Contractors Return In Droves

Behind the president’s directive to ‘accelerate’ the counter-ISIS campaign came a surge in the number of contractors assisting in the campaign against ISIS.

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$460M CYBERCOM Contract Will Create Digital Munitions

Meanwhile, the military’s digital command hopes to recruit 6,200 operatives to thwart hacks against the US, aid troops overseas, and protect dot-mil.


Small Defense Firms, the Pentagon Can Help You Fight Off Hacks — Just Ask

A GAO report says the Pentagon's program to protect small contractors against data theft has been underused.


Pope Pushes U.S. To Do More To Confront Global Insecurity

From the refugee crisis to diplomacy to the arms industry, Pope Francis pointedly reminded the U.S. of its leading role, and culpability, in the international community.


Industry: Pentagon Moved Too Fast on Cyber Rules

Companies fear they’ll have to rewrite their Defense Department contracts when pan-federal regulations arrive.


Defense Contractors to Obama: Enough With the Executive Orders

Industry organizations lead a push against a tide of new regulations, such as the requirement to allow employees to take up to 56 hours' annual paid sick leave.


Lockheed Snatched Up Sikorsky For a Steal

The No. 1 weapons builder flexed its muscle as other bidders for the Connecticut-based helicopter maker wilted in the face of military-civil monopoly rules.