Defense Systems

India plans to make armored vehicles with US help, officials say

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin announced the deal during a bilateral meeting with State Secretary Antony Blinken and Indian ministers of defense and external affairs.

Science & Tech

A ‘Modern National Security Strategy’: Q&A with Rep. Ro Khanna

The ranking member of a HASC tech subcommittee has thoughts on China, chips, and how the Pentagon should integrate its approach to both.


US Lawmakers Want to Give India a Pass For Buying Russian Missiles

American officials have been urging allies to give up Russian-made weapons in favor of western arms.


Biden Asks India to ‘Do More’ to Stop Russia and Help Ukraine

In a virtual meeting, the president pushed India’s Modi to cut Russian energy purchases, while the White House kept a diplomatically polite facade.


Indian Democracy Is On The Ropes. The US Must Act

There are still things U.S. policymakers can do to shore up the world’s largest democracy.


How SecDef Austin Can Make the Most of His India Visit

The defense secretary should pave the way for more and deeper defense trade and technology cooperation.


To Deter China, Deepen the US-Indian Partnership

Here are some ideas for the upcoming 2+2 defense and foreign affairs ministerial conference.


India’s and Pakistan’s Lies Thwarted a War—For Now

Lying about facts to de-escalate tension in Kashmir is a playbook they’ve both used before.


America Can't Duck the India-Pakistan Crisis

The most recent friction between the two nuclear powers offers unpleasant lessons yet clear opportunities.


US Influence Over India-Pakistan Crisis in Question

Trump officials are working the phones, but “the U.S. position seems to be ‘You guys figure it out yourselves.’”


How to End the Worst India-Pakistan Crisis in a Generation

Stepping back from the brink now will require political courage in New Delhi and reciprocity in Islamabad.


Lockheed Unveils F-21 Fighter, a Beefy F-16 Concept It’s Pitching to India

It’s the company’s latest attempt to secure a $15 billion deal for 114 new fighter jets.


Who Will Prevent the Next India-Pakistan War?

China’s stakes and vulnerabilities in South Asia have grown. U.S. leaders should make use of this.


What Next for US-India Military Ties?

A new agreement between top U.S. and Indian officials will deepen military cooperation and bolster strategic ties between the two countries.


How to Keep the US-India Defense Relationship Moving Ahead

Both countries can help each other in a rapidly changing Asia — if they can pick their way past several looming obstacles.