Intelligence Experts Suspicious of DNI Ratcliffe On Laptop Story

The chief of the U.S. intelligence community appeared to pre-judge the conclusions of an active FBI investigation.

A 21st-Century Reality Is Dawning on NATO

In today’s security environment, non-kinetic threats pose as grave a danger as kinetic ones.

White House, EU Slap New Sanctions On Belarus Officials

The penalties target individuals involved in election manipulation.

Can AI Detect Disinformation? A New Special Operations Program May Find Out

Air Force, U.S. Special Operations Command fund year-long effort to train a neural net to rank credibility and sort news from misinformation.

Three Ways to Clean Up the Toxic Minefields of Social Media

Safeguarding the social media ecosystem from hate speech and disinformation is all about tracking data and empowering users.

Analysis: How Trump’s TikTok Deal Helps China

The deal doesn’t really address data or privacy concerns. It does help regimes attack U.S. companies.

How Putin Got Into America’s Mind

He learned the art of destabilizing his opponents from the Stasi, East Germany’s secret police.

The Week QAnon Became Everyone’s Problem

The conspiracy theory-based movement poses a different type of terrorist threat.

The Most American COVID-19 Failure Yet

Contact tracing works almost everywhere else. Why not here?

Where the Pandemic Is Cover for Authoritarianism

In Hong Kong and around the world, public-health concerns are being used to excuse extraordinary overreach.

Stone Knew About Wikileaks; Manafort Dished to Russian Intel, Senate Finds

After the Senate Intelligence Committee’s fifth and final report, Democrats still say collusion. Republicans still say no.

For Whom the Tok Tiks

TikTok could persist in many ways in America. None is good.

Defense Personnel to Get Crash Course in OpSec

But various problems have observers wondering whether it's a waste of time.

Russian Disinformation Networks Detailed in New State Department Report

Several English-language websites working together to push Kremlin talking points during the COVID outbreak caught the eye of U.S trackers.