Space Symposium 2022 Conference Wire: Sky Eyes

The intelligence community is relying on commercial satellite imagery to keep tabs on Russia, and more from Day 2.

Satellite Firms Are Helping Debunk Russian Claims, Intel Chief Says

Will the Pentagon protect those firms from enemy attack? It’s a “fairly sensitive conversation,” U.S. Space Command says.”

The US Needs a Center to Counter Foreign Malign Influence at Home

National security entities coordinate their fight against disinformation abroad. They need a way to do so within our borders.

OneWeb Stands Up US Board As Communications Company Eyes American Business

Sue Gordon, a former top intelligence officer, has been named the panel’s chair.

Russia’s Rocket Barrages Reveal Bad Planning, Cruelty—and the Absence of Crucial Skills

“Everybody is surprised by the lack of combined arms capability in the Russian army,” said one general-turned-analyst.

Like the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, But for Cyber

The tasks of coordinating cybersecurity efforts and growing a cyber workforce is too big for a White House office and too fluid for a full department.

How Technology Is Opening a Window onto Russian Military Activity Around Ukraine

Scraping Twitter is becoming as important as billion-dollar spy satellites.

AI Could Match 'Fingerprints' of Texts To Their Authors, Under New Intelligence Program

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity takes aim at a capability that might one day help fight disinformation and human trafficking.

FBI: Ransomware Attackers Are Taking Aim at Critical Infrastructure

A joint advisory with CISA, the NSA, and their counterparts in the UK and Australia offers advice for defenders.

US Spy Chief Warns Government Is Classifying Too Much Data

As the amount of data soars, so does the burden of reviewing classified data for its eventual declassification.

NSA Can Now Order Other Agencies to Fix Their IT Systems

A White House memo grants the intelligence agency new powers under the May 2021 executive order on cybersecurity.

New Report Offers Glimpse Of How AI Will Remake Spywork

AI could accelerate intelligence use, if the government can get out of the way, new report says

Intelligence Agency Looks to Mix Cleared, Uncleared Workers

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency wants to build workspaces that can accommodate a hybrid workforce of people and organizations with and without security clearances.

One Social-Media ‘Like’ Doesn’t Say Much About a Potential Extremist

Data from open-source social media is generally only helpful in combination with other information.

DODIIS Conference Wire: USAF's Information Warfare

On Day 2 of the conference, a look at how the Air Force's new IW operating concepts.

DODIIS Conference Wire: AI's Promise and Peril

As DODIIS opened, several leaders said machine learning would help keep tabs on Russian and Chinese advances—eventually.