NATO innovation accelerator announces first class of startups to get help

The alliance is looking to support tech development on the European side of the Atlantic.


In race to make artillery shells, US, EU see different results

DOD’s early success may founder on Congressional inaction, while Europe’s private firms await orders.


‘Russia is weaponizing time,’ Ukraine tells NATO

At Halifax conference, Western policy leaders struggled to meet a concatenation of crises.


Regional conflicts have given Turkey more room for a 'middleman strategy'

Still, several recent moves by Turkish leader Erdoğan look like a more pro-Western approach.


Documents confirm that Ukraine is importing Turkish cluster munitions

Official data backs up earlier reporting on a second Ukrainian source for the controversial weapons.


Pentagon: US downed Turkish drone when it became ‘potential threat’

Top defense and military leaders spoke to their Turkish counterparts on Thursday.

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EU official calls out X as largest promotor of disinformation

“My message for Twitter/X is…We will be watching what you do,” official says.


US preps unusual $2B loan for Polish military

Poland has bought billions worth of U.S. military goods, in addition to Korean-made armaments.


Estonia plans loitering-munitions unit to hunt enemy air defenses

Inspired by the wars in Ukraine and Nagorno-Karabakh, the new battery may be NATO’s first.


Europe’s defense spending sluggish despite Ukraine war

Slow growth isn’t compensating for post-Cold War divestments, analysts say.


How a tiny Polish airport became a key node for Western aid to Ukraine

Daily jumbo-jet landings now eat up the fuel once allotted for a whole week of passenger flights.


Polish support for Ukraine brings lessons, but also risks

Warsaw is learning just what is killing its donated field guns, and battling Russian spy rings back home.


Lockheed, Raytheon sign deal to make Javelin anti-tank weapons in Poland

The United States has given Ukraine more than 10,000 of the weapons so far as they fight against the Russian invasion.

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EU plans to arm Ukraine bearing fruit, but more is needed, Estonia says

Ahead of a US visit, top defense ministry leader says effort to deliver a million artillery shells will likely reach its goal by next summer.


US to train Ukrainian pilots, maintainers on F-16s this fall

The pilots will go through English language training before getting into the cockpit.


NATO creates $1.1B fund for tech startups

The U.S. and Canada have yet to join the effort, which resembles the U.S. intelligence community's In-Q-Tel.