Add Taiwan to the International Atomic Energy Agency

Once a near-nuclear power, Taipei has since been an exemplary anti-proliferator — in cold contrast to Beijing.

The US Must Prepare to Respond to a Nuclear Disaster

As nuclear threats grow, the country needs a plan to coordinate, staff, and resource its response to the unthinkable.

Force Won’t Much Slow Iranian Nuclear Progress, But Something Else Can

The historical record shows that diplomacy can do what force alone has not.

Happy Birthday to the Bomb

If we want to avoid nuclear destruction for the next 75 years, we must take the president’s finger off the button.

We Don’t Have Enough Cash to Build New Nuclear Weapons, Says Air Force Chief

Nukes or conventional weapons, “the current budget does not allow you to do both,” says Gen. Dave Goldfein, suggesting Congress create a separate account.

It’s Too Late for US-Russia-China Arms-Control Fantasies

As U.S. and Russian negotiators open two days of talks in Vienna, they should waste no more time talking about a tripartite agreement.

If Given OK, US Could Conduct a Nuclear Test in a Matter of Months, Pentagon Official Says

This comes as senior national security officials are reportedly discussing whether to conduct a test.

Pompeo Announces Open Skies Withdrawal

As Trump scraps a third security accord, his arms-control negotiator says the U.S. and Russia will talk about a new one.

On Arms Control, Little Reason for Optimism

Officials in Moscow and Beijing will read Mr. Billingslea’s interview and see nothing to give them reason to negotiate.

Trump’s Nuclear Policy Has Failed

Recognizing that blunders and bad ideas have undermined stability and security is the first step toward recovery.

The Coronavirus Teaches Us Not to Let Trump Press the Nuclear Button

Some of the president’s poor decisions on COVID-19, like proposing to reopen the nation by Easter, have been reversed. But a presidential decision to start nuclear war cannot be.

America’s Allies Are Becoming a Nuclear-Proliferation Threat

Some of the United States' oldest allies are considering the once-unthinkable: building their own nuclear weapons.

Don’t Let On-Site Inspections Go Extinct

In-person visits to foreign military bases and weapons facilities improve national security in more ways than meet the eye.

A New Nuclear Warhead? STRATCOM Chief Can’t Answer Yes or No

The W93 has been the focus of questions since it appeared in the 2021 budget proposal.

Esper Plays Nuclear War: Russia Nukes Europe, US Fires Back

The defense secretary took part in a classified drill at U.S. Strategic Command this week.