Does the US have what it takes to keep its nuclear edge?

A congressional panel highlights its concerns about infrastructure, the industrial base, keeping up with Russia, and staying ahead of China.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 131: 'Oppenheimer,' explored

How much of America's nuclear history does the three-hour film pack in, and how much did it leave out?


Defense One Radio, Ep. 130: A brief history of China’s nuclear forces

From Cold War-era distrust of the Soviets to Beijing's recent silo buildup, we review some of the ideas and methods that have helped China become the nuclear power it is today.

Defense Systems

Inside the fight over alternative sub fuel

A handful of lawmakers want the Navy to research low-enriched uranium fuel to reduce nuclear weapons proliferation. But funding bans are on the horizon.

Defense Systems

New ICBM Delayed at Least a Year, GAO Says

Annual assessment foresees LGM-35A reaching initial operating capability no earlier than mid-2030.


B-2s to Return to Flight after Five Months

Air Force officials still won’t say why one of the stealthy bombers was forced to land in December.


Hypersonics, Nukes Top House Lawmaker’s Priorities List

But markups at Doug Lamborn’s HASC strategic forces panel are on hold amid threats to force a U.S. default.