US agrees to build icebreakers with Canada, Finland

White House hopes Ice Pact will boost shipbuilding in democratic countries while it addresses Arctic challenges.


US, allies take down Kremlin-backed AI bot farm

Allegedly launched by a deputy editor at a Russian state-backed news agency, the bot farm spread disinformation on X/Twitter.


The president ordered a board to investigate a massive Russian cyberattack. It didn't.

By not investigating how the SolarWinds hack exploited Microsoft software, the Cyber Safety Review Board missed an opportunity to prevent attacks, experts say.


African governments express rising alarm about Russian disinformation

It has helped drive instability that “is at the cusp of affecting coastal West Africa,” AFRICOM chief says.


Russian used US systems for pre-invasion attack on Ukraine, US says

The 22-year-old allegedly used an unnamed U.S. company's "infrastructure" to inject WhisperGate malware into Ukrainian government networks.