Defense One Radio, Ep. 146: Elliot Ackerman on ‘2054: A Novel’

The author and Marine veteran discusses the future of technology, the promise of AI, the perils of toxic politics, and other themes packed into his latest work of speculative fiction.

Science & Tech

Army to launch deep sensing cross-functional team and equip units with experimental tech

The 101st’s Airborne Division’s second brigade will be the first unit to be equipped with new, experimental tech.


Our industrial strength is a deterrent

Technological change requires a more resilient defense industrial ecosystem. The Pentagon's new strategy will help.

Defense Systems

Navy leaders want more code-loving sailors at sea

One wants to take ad hoc data science efforts and fold them into a formal training cycle.


USAF plans stealthy tankers for ‘extreme threat areas’

Next-gen aerial refueling program will be “a system,” not just one aircraft, says mobility chief.

Science & Tech

In a first, Army uses Slack-style battlefield software to coordinate field exercises

The ATAK app enables soldiers to mark enemies and send texts—just as their Ukrainian counterparts are doing.

Science & Tech

The Pentagon is already testing tomorrow’s AI-powered swarm drones, ships

DOD pulled off unmanned amphibious landings, self-coding drones, and more just in the last year. What's next?


Shark Tank Kyiv? Investors hunt ‘war-winning’ tech in Ukraine

Fund managers say Ukraine is a major opportunity, but also that they must overcome investor concerns over security and corruption.

Science & Tech

How often does ChatGPT push misinformation?

Researchers found that one of the most popular generative-AI tools agreed with false statements up to one-quarter of the time.

Science & Tech

Don't forget about 'old-fashioned' AI

For all of the hype aboutChatGPT and its generative ilk, older machine-learning tools and techniques are still useful and getting better.


The Navy has its first giant robotic submarine

The Boeing-made vessel will now undergoing trials that will inform future robo subs.