Look deeper: Time may be on Ukraine’s side

If Kyiv can hold out through the next winter—a big if—there are trends that run in its favor.


Some U.S. military aid is still trickling into Ukraine via arms dealers, contracts suggest

Companies that have previously supplied Ukraine are now competing to provide “special ammunition” worth $624 million.


The West is underestimating Ukraine’s artillery needs

Russia is producing far more 152mm shells than Ukrainian forces can obtain, researchers say.


US lacks long-term sustainment plan for key Ukraine weapons, Pentagon watchdog says

Getting new Patriot anti-air systems would be “painful,” a Defense Department official said.


Defense One Radio, Ep. 144: How Russia cements control

How does the Kremlin force an entirely new reality on an occupied city? And how do Europeans feel about the invasion and U.S. hesitation to rearm Ukraine?


First Ukrainian F-16 pilots will complete training as soon as May

Air National Guard director says the effort is taking a bit longer because pilots need to learn a “full range of missions.”