White House

White House Prepping Multi-Part Executive Order on SolarWinds Hack

The official leading the effort said changes are necessary to improve information sharing within the federal government.

One-Third of US Troops Are Refusing the COVID Vaccine. History May Help Explain Why

After botching anthrax shots decades ago, the Pentagon’s hands are tied. Only the president can order troops to take new vaccines.

Don’t Downgrade Space

Moves and hints portend a worrying shifting of priorities under the Biden administration.

How to Reconnect the Pentagon’s Strategy to its Budget

Biden will have little time and likely less money to enact his policies. He needs to tie strategy more closely to funding.

A Sharper Approach to China’s Military-Civil Fusion Strategy Begins by Dispelling Myths

MCF isn't new. It's not all-encompassing. It's not even uniquely Chinese.

For Biden, Tough Talk on Saudi Arabia Meets Reality

‘We don't yet know exactly’ how Biden will change things, says CENTCOM’s Gen. McKenzie.

Trying to Box in Biden on Arms Control

Former Trump officials complain that the new president doesn’t want what they failed to achieve.

The Pentagon’s Chance to Get Serious About Climate Change

Biden’s executive order is a welcome first step — but there's only so much the military can do.

Beijing’s Warning Shot to Biden

U.S. policymakers must begin treating sanctions by other countries as a serious national security threat.

How Biden Can Reduce the Danger of Nuclear War

The world needs more sanity and justice. Here are four steps to help avoid destroying the world.

Biden Calls Putin ‘To Make Clear’ Where US Stands

In a marked change, the president read off a list of grievances — and discussed the potential for additional nuclear arms controls.

‘The Ban Should Never Have Been Imposed’

Former Army Secretary Eric Fanning says it’s time for Congress to pass a law that protects transgender servicemembers.

Biden Orders New Review of Sexual Assault Policies in Military

Combatant commanders are to send plans and best practices within two weeks.