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Aamna Mohdin


The Stockholm Attack Is a Stark Reminder We Have No Way to Fight Low-Tech Terror

As terror attacks become less sophisticated, they are also becoming more difficult to prevent.


Made-in-America Weapons, War Crimes, and the Outcry Over Yemen

As the US limits some arms sales to Saudi Arabia, human rights groups present 'overwhelming evidence' pointing back at Washington.


Unemployment Is Driving Males to ISIS, Not Poverty, Illiteracy

The Islamic State group’s foreign fighters are surprisingly well-educated, a myth-busting new study from the World Bank has found.


Watch: This Is What It's Like to Live and Die for ISIS in Iraq

A violent and graphic new video suggests the reality of fighting for the Islamic State is much different from the dominating successes their online messages portray.


America's 'Plan B' for Syria Has a Very Ugly Past

Dividing Middle Easterners along ethno-religious lines has a deeply troubled history. There's little reason to believe similar 'last-ditch' plans for Syria would be any different.


ISIS Has Reportedly Cut Its Fighters' Salaries in Half

An ostensible ISIS treasury memo shows an organization under increasing financial pressure as coalition warplanes ramp up attacks on their oil infrastructure.


Report: Turkey Has Become the EU’s Enforcer in Bid to Slow Refugees

A damning Amnesty report claims Turkey abused refugees and pressured some to return to war zones.


The Number of Foreign Fighters in Iraq and Syria Has Doubled

A study says up to 31,000 people from 80-plus countries have joined the Islamic State and other extremist groups.


Forget NATO; France Taps the EU in Its Fight Against ISIS

France could have triggered NATO's Article 5. Here's why Paris chose the EU's mutual defense clause instead.


Brussels Has Become the Jihadist Capital of Europe

In the last few years, one particular suburb has been at the heart of a thriving black market where military weapons can be bought in record time.

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UK Invites ‘Countries of Concern’ To Shop for Weapons in London

More than a dozen countries on Britain’s list of repressive regimes have descended on DSEI, one of the world’s largest arms fairs.