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Adam Mount

Senior Fellow, Federation of American Scientists

Adam Mount is a senior fellow at the Federation of American Scientists.

Challenges Pile up on US-South Korea Alliance Agenda

Summer 2019 has been a watershed moment for trends that threaten to compromise South Korea’s position in Northeast Asia.


North Korea Is Not De-Nuclearizing

The Trump administration shouldn’t get too excited about Kim Jong Un’s pledge to limit his weapons program.


Let the Korean Breakthrough Run Its Course

The new round of talks can only succeed if the Trump administration resists its own worst impulses.


The Trump Administration Must Stop Being Unserious about North Korea

Off-the-cuff and over-the-top threats have accelerated Kim's nuclear efforts. It's time to think, plan, coordinate — and open talks with Pyongyang.


The Iran Deal and the Future of Nuclear Nonproliferation Efforts

Negotiations with Tehran show that the global nuclear order works best as a coherent whole. But each component faces real challenges in order to keep the peace.

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Why Putin’s ICBM Announcement Does Not Signal a New Nuclear Arms Race

The Russian President’s announcement was entirely in line with previous expectations, and won’t add new capabilities to Moscow's arsenal.


This Is a Pivotal Moment for the US Nuclear Arsenal

The government is on the brink of hitting a nuclear spending cliff. Can the administration balance the need for deterrence with the promise of dismantling the nation's nuclear arsenal? By Adam Mount