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Alex Stone

Analyst, BluePath Labs

Alex Stone is an analyst with BluePath Labs, a DC-based consulting company that focuses on research, analysis, disruptive technologies, and wargaming. In June 2020, Alex and BluePath Labs analyst Peter Wood published "China’s Military Civil Fusion Strategy: A View from Chinese Strategists" with the China Aerospace Studies Institute, examining the strategy’s full ambition and scope.

How China Is Planning For a Tech Decoupling

PLA strategists are already working on counters to anticipated U.S. moves.


China’s Military-Civil Fusion Strategy: What to Expect in the Next Five Years

Even as the term has all but disappeared from official documents, its tenets are being strengthened and extended.


How China Is Working to Quarantine the Truth About the Coronavirus

The authoritarian playbook — censor, distract, lie — is on full display.


As Coronavirus Spreads, China’s Military Is Largely MIA

The PLA’s anemic participation is odd given its past performance, planning, and pronouncements.