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Alexander Decina

Alexander Decina is a research associate for Middle Eastern Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations.

Rushing Libya’s Elections Will Lead to Disaster

The country won't be ready for its scheduled elections on Dec. 10. Their failure could engender chaos that could shake the entire region.


Don’t Think of Syrian Opposition Groups as ‘Moderates’ vs. ‘Extremists’

The United States and its allies ought to think in terms of 'viable partners,’ ‘irreconcilables,’ and ‘unknowns.’


Is Russia Really with Assad in Syria?

Moscow appears to be preventing a total Assad victory in a bid to boost its international standing.


The Right Way to Confront Iran in Syria

A careful diplomatic approach to Russia’s safe-zone plan is less risky, and more promising, than direct action


Can Russian Safe Zones Solve Syria?

If a potential negotiated solution to the Syrian conflict exists, something in the spirit of Russia’s plan for decentralization and ceasefires might be it.


We’re Ignoring the Best Bad Option for Syria

A frozen conflict would give the country space to begin rebuilding.


Violently Ousting Assad Won't Solve Anything in Syria

It is hardly surprising to hear calls for more U.S. action, but what happens next?


What the West Can Do about The Biggest Obstacle to Libyan Stability

The more Libya's foreign allies can weaken Gen. Khalifa Hifter, the more fighters will break away from him and join the new government.