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Alice Su

Alice Su is a journalist based in Amman, Jordan.

The Rise of Iraq's Young Secularists

On Facebook and in the cafés of decimated Mosul, they envision a country free from political Islam. Do they have a shot?


Why Terrorists Want To See the End of Tunisia

Tunisia’s struggles to counter terrorism and nurture democracy are intertwined and, at times, mutually destructive.


A Jordanian Man's Journey From the Arab Spring to al-Qaeda Foot Soldier

After pro-democracy protests failed in Jordan, one teenager's determination to make a difference led him into the arms of al-Qaeda in Syria.


Jordanians: 'We Want Nothing Now, Only To Get Daesh Out'

Sidelined no more, as King Abdullah's military strikes ISIS for al-Kasasbeh's death, Jordanians vow, 'We are fighters. We will devour them.'


How 500,000 Iraqi Refugees Are Surviving Under the Shadow of ISIS

How northern Iraqi Kurdistan's displaced people are coping with war and want. By Alice Su


When Fleeing War Is Illegal

Palestinians escaping Syria are being turned away by neighboring states, much like Iraq's Palestinians shortly after 2003. But relief today doesn't look like it did then. By Alice Su