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Ankit Panda

Senior Editor, The Diplomat

Ankit Panda is a senior editor at The Diplomat, covering Asia-Pacific security and North Korea’s ballistic-missile and nuclear-weapons programs.

The Slow Death of the Iran Nuclear Deal

Tehran says it will stop complying with elements of the accord unless the countries that remain live up to their commitments. But those five states are unlikely to stand up to U.S. pressure.


Trump's Strange Tweet May Have Kept Nuclear Talks Alive

The president is finally reckoning with the role of sanctions in North Korean diplomacy.


How to End the Worst India-Pakistan Crisis in a Generation

Stepping back from the brink now will require political courage in New Delhi and reciprocity in Islamabad.


How to Keep a Cyberattack from Turning into Nuclear War? Keep Talking

Trump’s Pentagon declared that "significant non-nuclear strategic attacks" may invite U.S. nuclear use, but does that matter to North Korea?


North Korea Is Not De-Nuclearizing

The Trump administration shouldn’t get too excited about Kim Jong Un’s pledge to limit his weapons program.


A Deal with North Korea Won't Happen Without China

How Kim Jong-Un's surprise visit to Beijing underscores China’s influence.


What the Hell Happened in Hawaii?

False alarms aren’t just terrifying—they’re dangerous.


A Presidential Misunderstanding of Deterrence

But Trump’s bellicosity undermines his ability to deter the Kim regime’s nuclear weapons and missiles programs.


The Quite Rational Basis for North Korea's Japan Overfly

With each new missile test, Pyongyang shakes Tokyo’s confidence in Washington, while accruing valuable data on its own capabilities.


What America Should Learn from North Korea's Latest Missile Test

Preventive war, if it was ever a viable option, certainly isn't now.