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Audrey Decker
Audrey Decker is the air warfare reporter for Defense One. She previously reported for Inside Defense, where she reported on the Navy and emerging defense technology. She's a graduate of the University of Maryland.

Defense One Radio, Ep. 145: The USAF's big reorganization

Audrey Decker unpacks the top news from this year's Air & Space Forces Association Warfare Symposium.


Space Force: We need a hotline to China

Direct communications could ward off miscalculation as space militarizes faster than norms develop, officials say.


First Ukrainian F-16 pilots will complete training as soon as May

Air National Guard director says the effort is taking a bit longer because pilots need to learn a “full range of missions.”


Lockheed vows steady F-35 production amid demand shifts

The Pentagon is reportedly considering a cut to next year’s order but international interest continues to rise.


USAF plans stealthy tankers for ‘extreme threat areas’

Next-gen aerial refueling program will be “a system,” not just one aircraft, says mobility chief.


'Unexpected’ engineering slows price negotiations on USAF radar plane

Air Force officials thought the E-7 would more closely resemble UK’s Wedgetails.


Air Force will narrow its pool of robot wingman vendors within ‘next few months’

The service might be able to pick three companies for the next stage of the competition—if industry shares some of the cost burden.

Science & Tech

Robot wingmen vs. China: What a think tank’s wargame revealed about a key USAF concept

As the Air Force contemplates a range of price points, the tabletop exercise suggests cheaper is better.


Can AI reduce Air Force logistics planning from days to minutes?

Air Mobility Command is testing a new tool that might help in a Pacific conflict.


USAF tried an electric plane. Now it wants to buy

A three-month test of the battery-powered ALIA has the service looking to move ahead.


Aussie F-35s, UK tanker join massive wargame over western US

This year’s Red Flag comes as US and allies operate against Houthi targets in Mideast.


Northrop to eat $1.2B on B-21 program

The CEO says the company has now learned not to underbid on fixed-price contracts.

Defense Systems

B-21 production is a go, Pentagon says

Defense undersecretary confirms Northrop Grumman has approval to start making non-test variants of the stealth bomber.