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Bradley Bowman

Senior director, Center on Military and Political Power

Bradley Bowman is the senior director of the Center on Military and Political Power at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. Bowman previously served as an Army officer, worked in the U.S. Senate, and taught American politics at West Point.

Don’t Assume the US Will Fight China and Russia One at a Time

Beijing and Moscow are boosting their strategic coordination along with their militaries.


AUKUS: Good Goals, Bad Implementation

Now begins the real work for the United States and its democratic allies: cooperating to strengthen their eroding deterrence in the Indo-Pacific.


Great Power Competition Comes Home to America

Our leaders’ efforts to heal divisions among our fellow citizens are key to national defense.


Washington Should Avoid a Self-Inflicted Wound in the Sinai

Withdrawing from the Multinational Force and Observers might be penny-wise, but would certainly be pound-foolish.


Worth Preserving: US Military Posture in Germany

Any adjustments to U.S. force posture in Europe should focus first and foremost on sustaining or strengthening readiness.