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Brent Colburn

Brent Colburn is the former Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs and Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security for Public Affairs. He also served as the National Communications Director for the 2012 Obama campaign. Colburn currently works at Princeton University as the Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs.

A Simple Veterans Day Proposal for the Incoming Administration

Send every political appointee to visit Arlington National Cemetery — with someone who served.


1 in 6 ALS Patients Served in the Military. We Need a Cure.

A new organization aims to fight a neurodegenerative disease that appears to target former servicemembers.


A Giant Repair Job Awaits the First Post-Trump SecDef

It will be a rebuilding project the likes of which has not been seen since the Vietnam War.


Lower House Poised to Take Upper Hand on National Security

Where are Congress’ new foreign-policy leaders? Look to the House's recently elected veterans and natsec pros.


Welcome, Class of 2022: Last of the Pre-9/11 Cohort

Your arrival reminds us all to do more to connect America’s citizens to their country’s wars, and its civilians to its veterans.


A Message to Pentagon Spokespeople, From Your Former Boss

There’s a difference between campaigning and serving, and people have a right to know what goes on their government.