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Brent D. Sadler

Senior Fellow, Heritage Foundation

Brent D. Sadler is the senior fellow for naval warfare and advanced technology at The Heritage Foundation’s Center for National Defense.

This Ugly Dispute Over Amphibious Warships Didn’t Have to Happen

The Pentagon’s civilian leaders must spell out what they need to deter China.


The US Navy's Fleet Plan Has Two Strikes Against It

A recent report about the plan is classified, which will hinder leaders’ efforts to talk about it, and the service lacks a confirmed acquisition chief.


The Navy Remains Stuck At the Pier Without a Leadership Team

Three of the service’s top jobs are filled by temps, nearly 11 months into the Biden administration.


US Navy Punts on Building a Fleet to Compete with China

The 2022 budget proposal aims to increase future capability but misses the reality facing it today.


Toward a New Naval Statecraft

If the U.S. and its allies do nothing to complicate or slow China’s grey zone strategy, they risk ceding the global commons of maritime Asia.


Urgent Job Opening: US Navy Secretary

The chaos and uncertainty atop the sea service is undermining national security.


The Navy Needs More Ships — and Vision, Too

From shipyards to sea, the Navy needs to show more passionate leadership articulating what its future must be, and why.