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Charlie Winter

Senior research fellow at the Int'l Centre for the Study of Radicalisation

Charlie Winter is a senior research fellow at the International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation.

ISIS Relaunches as a Global Platform

The Sri Lanka bombings were a preview of the Islamic State’s future.


Why ISIS Is So Good at Branding Its Failures as Successes

The Parsons Green attack shows that governments and media outlets keep falling into the propaganda traps being set for them.


How ISIS Will Go On Without Mosul

Long after the city is back in the hands of the Iraqi government, it will continue to be a prop for the Islamic State—although an altogether different one.


Trump's Immigration Order Is a Propaganda Victory for ISIS

The American president has reinforced the victimhood narrative at the core of the Islamic State’s recruitment pitch.


The Jihadi Thinker Who Ushered in the Era of ‘Anything Goes’ Warfare

Abu Abdullah al-Muhajir died in a recent airstrike, but his ideas will shape Islamic State and al-Qaeda tactics for years to come.


ISIS Is Using the Media Against Itself

It doesn’t matter if the coverage that follows an attack is negative. For ISIS, any coverage is good coverage.


A Unifying Theory—and Plan—for Defeating ISIS Propaganda

Twitter suspensions are not nearly enough.