Want to Be the Next Intelligence Whistleblower? You May Want to Wait

Even the director of national intelligence admits there are inadequate safeguards for officials who want to bring attention to wrongdoing. By Conor Friedersdorf


How to Find Yourself on the Terror Watch List

The Obama administration's newly revealed guidelines for tracking individuals are a Kafkaesque mess built on hubris. By Conor Friedersdorf


Gen. Abizaid-Led Panel Sounds Alarm on U.S. Drones

It's time Obama rethinks drones when a group like this criticizes the precedents and dangers of targeted killings. By Conor Friedersdorf


Obama's Drone Killing Memo: Too Little, Too Late

Help me figure out why this memo justifying killing American Anwar al-Awlaki was kept secret. By Conor Friedersdorf


The Decline of the American War Hawk

There's been a backlash in the United States against foreign interventionism. By Conor Friedersdorf


A Free Society Cannot Escape All Terrorism

An NSA official illustrates the totalitarian temptation in bureaucracies charged with stopping 100 percent of attacks. By Conor Friedersdorf


What If a Drone Struck an American Wedding?

Can you imagine the wall-to-wall press coverage and outrage if a foreign power struck an American wedding like we just did in Yemen? By Conor Friedersdorf


Stop Shrouding the U.S. Drone Program in Secrecy

What if Obama was forced by Congress to share, after every lethal drone strike, a detailed summary of the evidence against the people killed? By Conor Friedersdorf


The NSA Needs a Church Committee

It's time for a new Church Committee, the mid-1970s surveillance oversight investigation named for Sen. Frank Church, and this time it should be led by Sen. Ron Wyden. By Conor Friedersdorf.