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Daniel R. Mahanty

Center for Civilians in Conflict

Dan Mahanty is the Director of the U.S. program at Center for Civilians in Conflict. He spent 16 years at the Department of State.

The Next Administration Should Bring the Shadow Wars into the Light

Lethal tactics and entire campaigns launched urgently after 9/11 have corroded oversight and American standing.


Protecting Civilians Still Matters in Great-Power Conflict

It’s easy to see why counterinsurgency campaigns tread carefully around local bystanders. It’s no less important in larger-scale war.


In Coalition Ops, Civilian Protections Are Only as Strong as the Weakest Link

New research suggests ways to help multinational groups reduce risks to civilians.


Reducing the Human Costs of ‘By, With, and Through’

Partnered operations put civilians at risk, which puts U.S. goals at risk. Here are some options for addressing the issue.


If We're Going to Export More US Arms, Let's Do It Smarter

Here are some ways to help ensure that rising sales don't undermine American security.


Don’t Loosen the Rules on Civilian Casualties During Drone Strikes

The Trump team may eliminate the “near certainty” clause, which would do far more damage to US counterterrorism than retaining it.


Take Off the Pentagon’s Gloves in the ISIS War? Not So Fast.

Policies intended to reduce civilian harm didn’t arise out of elite Washington think tanks or academia; they arose from the military’s own lessons learned.