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Dennis Blair

Dennis Blair, a retired U.S. Navy admiral, is the chairman of the Sasakawa Peace Foundation USA and former Director of National Intelligence (2009-10).

The 'Civilian Control of the Military' Fallacy

Retired officers like James Mattis who are nominated for civilian posts should be judged on their merits—not disqualified on the basis of their past service.


The Global Threat That Went Undiscussed at the G20 Summit

Our fight against cyber crime must grow beyond passive defense and unenforceable indictments — but it won't if leaders don't even talk about it.


More Action, Less Talk Needed On Chinese Tech Theft

While the US dithers, China is bleeding billions from our economy by stealing intellectual property. We have the solution.


Shinzo Abe Is the Ally America Needs

The Japanese leader’s visit, which starts Wednesday, will present a stark contrast to those of Iraq's Haider al-Abadi and Israel's Benjamin Netanyahu.


A New Plan: Make U.S. Foreign Policy Swifter, Stronger and More Agile

We propose a solution: completely reorganize the structure of how we conduct foreign policy in ‘fragile states’ such as Iraq. By Ronald E. Neumann, Dennis Blair and Eric Olson