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Eleanor Albert

Eleanor Albert is a senior online writer/editor at the Council on Foreign Relations.

What Would Denuclearization Look Like in North Korea?

Success will start by closing the gap between what the U.S. and North Korea mean by the term.


North Korea’s Military Capabilities, In Review

North Korea has embarked on an accelerated buildup of weapons of mass destruction and modernization of its already large conventional force.


The Now and Future US-Philippines Military Alliance

As the Philippines prepares to inaugurate a new president, this backgrounder explores the long-lasting defense ties between Manila and Washington.


Under the Nuclear Shadow: A Short History of the China-North Korea Relationship

While Beijing may be unhappy about Pyongyang’s nuclear games, few expect bold action that could cause sudden collapse.


How Shinzo Abe Is Modernizing Japan's Military

Tokyo's counterterrorism ambitions following ISIS's beheadings of two Japanese hostages is part of a broader realignment of Japan's armed forces, says AEI's Michael Auslin.