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Emma Green

Emma Green is the assistant managing editor of, where she also oversees the National Channel and writes about religion and culture.

Long After 9/11, Congresswoman Rejects America's 'Good Muslim' Test

Rep. Ilhan Omar would rather "raise hell" than bend over backwards to seem unthreatening.


A Federal Court Pushes Back on Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

A judge issues a preliminary injunction, taking issue with everything from the framing of the directive to the way it was delivered.


Is Religion The Cause of All Major Wars in History?

In her new book, Fields of Blood, Karen Armstrong argues against the idea that faith causes wars. By Emma Green


The Ancient Roots of the Yazidis, and Why ISIL Wants Them Dead

A look at the difficult history of the religious minority Obama authorized American troops and airstrikes to protect. By Emma Green