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Emma Moore

Research Associate, Center for a New American Security

Emma Moore is a Research Associate with the Military, Veterans, and Society Program at the Center for a New American Security. Her research concentrates on issues of military human capital.

It’s Only Going to Get Harder to Recruit and Retain Troops in a Post-Pandemic World

The Pentagon needs to accelerate its transition from industrial-age to information-age personnel policies.


The American Public Wants a Sustainable Middle East Policy

Despite the mainstream narrative presenting a deep lack of appetite for another war in the Middle East, the United States will never be able to ignore the region completely.


The US Is Unprepared to Mobilize for Great Power Conflict

In an era of lightning wars and easy-to-reach civilian populations, U.S. planners are giving mobilization far less attention than it requires.


Great Power Rivalry Is Also a War For Talent

China’s military is working harder to find and keep good people. The U.S. must step up its own efforts.