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Fawn Johnson


Senate, House a World Apart When It Comes to Nukes

It's not that the Senate isn't interested in the issue — the House just has a bigger mandate.


Military Retirement Changes Could Cut Into New, Old Troops' Benefits

Under the current system, personnel who serve 20-plus years get a pension. But what about everyone else?


John McCain Wants to Change How the Military Buys Weapons

Two big changes could make leaders and services accountable for weapons-contract overruns.


Democrats Retreat In the Battle Over Defense Budget 'Gimmick'

An 'overstuffed' war fund is ok with Democrats in a defense policy bill but not in a spending bill, adding further uncertainty to a key measure already facing a veto threat.


Democrats' Opposition to GOP Defense Bill Is Slowly Crumbling

Democratic leaders now say they're willing to allow 'yes' votes on a critical defense authorization bill next week, even if the measure includes a controversial war funding account.


Pentagon’s Budget, Middle East Summit Add Up to A Big Week in Washington

The House and Senate take up their respective defense authorization bills while the White House welcomes Gulf leaders for a two-day summit at Camp David.


The High Stakes Test for the Iran Deal — and the 2016 Contenders

The trio of Senate Republicans running for the presidency are unsheathing procedural weapons in a fight to burnish their national security credentials.


Congress Delays Homeland Security Shutdown Through Friday

The House and Senate is set to tackle funding once more for the Department of Homeland Security as well as Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's visit this week.


Obama and Congress Approach an Impasse on Iran Sanctions

A potential showdown between Senate Democrats and the White House over Iran could lead to the first successful veto override of President Obama's tenure. By Fawn Johnson