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Frank Konkel
Frank Konkel is Nextgov’s executive editor. He writes about the intersection of government and technology. Frank began covering tech in 2013 upon moving to the Washington, D.C., area after getting his start in journalism working at local and state issues at daily newspapers in his home state of Michigan. Frank was born and raised on a dairy farm and graduated from Michigan State University.

Amazon Offers 2nd Air-Gapped Cloud For Top-Secret Data

The new cloud's data centers are "more than 1,000 miles" away from the northern-Virginia complex that serves U.S. intelligence and defense agencies.


NSA Awards Secret Up-to-$10B Contract to Amazon

A Microsoft protest of the decision has revealed some details about the U.S. intelligence community's second multi-billion dollar cloud award of the year.


Pentagon Cancels JEDI Cloud Contract

The Defense Department will opt for a new multibillion-dollar, multi-vendor contract.


The Pandemic is Pushing the Pentagon Toward Classified Telework

The risk-averse agency has cracked small-scale remote handling of secret and top-secret information. The challenge is doing it at scale.

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Navy's $70 Billion Financial System Now in the Cloud

Just "one database contained more than 13 terabytes of data." Amazon moved the entire system in 10 months, eight ahead of schedule.

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Amazon: Pentagon Is Trying to ‘Gerrymander’ Its JEDI Fix

Amazon Web Services said the Pentagon’s plan to fix the Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure cloud contract is not enough.

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Amazon Wants Trump to Testify as It Protests JEDI Cloud Award

Amazon Web Services also wants to hear from Defense Secretary Mark Esper and has asked for White House communications in its case against the Defense Department.

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Amazon Will File Injunction to Stop JEDI Work

The latest twist in the Pentagon’s JEDI cloud contract could halt further action.

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Amazon’s JEDI Protest Centers on Trump

In July, the president made highly unusual remarks about the competition for the giant cloud-computing contract.


Court Clears Pentagon to Award JEDI Lawsuit

The ruling against Oracle allows the government to award the contract in August to Microsoft or Amazon Web Services.


The US Government’s Historic Spending Spree Continues

Spending data from the Government Accountability Office confirmed last year’s predicted spending spree and early fiscal 2019 data suggests historical spending levels continued.

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IBM Files Bid Protest Against Pentagon’s JEDI Contract

IBM becomes the second company to file a pre-award bid protest against the Pentagon’s multibillion cloud contract.

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Defense Department Seeks ‘Rapid Cloud Migration’ Ideas for MilCloud

MilCloud 2.0 is about to host a lot more data, and the Defense Department wants ideas for how to get it there faster.

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Army Developing Simulated Missile Launchers to Improve Combat Training

The goal is to train pilots and other crew members on how to respond to shoulder-fired missiles and rocket launchers.