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Haroro J. Ingram

Research fellow at Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific

Haroro J. Ingram is a research fellow at Coral Bell School of Asia Pacific Affairs at Australian National University.

Where Does al-Zawahri's Death Leave al-Qaida?

And what does the drone strike that killed him say about U.S. counterterrorism?


Why ISIS Is So Good at Branding Its Failures as Successes

The Parsons Green attack shows that governments and media outlets keep falling into the propaganda traps being set for them.


Beyond Yemen, the Ghost of Anwar al-Awlaki Will Long Haunt US Forces

The enduring propaganda value of a martyr.


Kabul's Mood Turns Toward Despair

From shopkeepers to university lecturers, the question of whether security is improving in an increasingly independent Afghanistan was met with just one response: Things are actually worse.