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Heather Timmons

Heather Timmons is the Asia Correspondent for Quartz, based in Hong Kong, where she writes about everything from ramen to derivatives to censorship. Previously she spent 10 years with The New York Times in London and New Delhi, where she covered finance and markets and the Indian economy. She co-founded and ran India Ink, the NYT's first-ever country specific news journal, which provides in-depth news and analysis of the world’s largest democracy and of India’s global diaspora. Before the Times, Heather was the banking editor at BusinessWeek in New York, where she covered the perils of the big bank business model and the danger of banks’ expansion into risky lending, corruption on Wall Street, and a post-9/11 city. She began writing about banking and finance as a reporter with the Daily Deal and American Banker.

Here’s the FBI’s Warning Signs of a Mass Shooter

A prior arrest. Unmarried. A history of abusive behavior. Oh, and 94% are men.


Trump's Militarization of the US-Mexico Border Won't Come Cheap

Both presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush tried it. And both times it was deemed an expensive failure.


The Misleading Math in the Trump Administration’s ‘Foreign Terrorists’ Report

The Jan. 16 report counts people extradited to the U.S. and doesn’t count American white supremacists.


Indonesia Blames ISIS for Suicide Bombs in Jakarta

A Muslim country heretofore largely unaffected by the Islamic State is hit by a series of bombings.

Science & Tech

China Is Building a $46B Railroad Through Pakistan's Insurgency

A new 1,500-mile network of highways, rails and oil pipelines will run through one of the world’s most dangerous regions, Pakistan’s volatile Balochistan province.


Why It Remains Difficult To Shut Down Jihadist Propaganda Online

Online companies are struggling to figure out how to balance free speech with promoting extremist content and propaganda, and it is not easy. By Heather Timmons


The Invasion of Ukraine in Maps, Satellite Photos and Video

Your guide to what's taking place on the ground in Ukraine. By Jason Karaian and Heather Timmons

Science & Tech

Watch the Global Cyber War Live Right Here

A U.S.-based company that monitors malware and spyware has created a visually stunning map documenting the global cyber war in real-time. By Heather Timmons


Russia Pushes for 'New Security' in the Asia-Pacific

Russian President Vladimir Putin will seek deeper relations with Asia at a security summit in Shanghai this week with China, Iran and several other non-Western allies. By Heather Timmons


U.S. Calls China's New South China Sea Defense Zone 'Potentially Dangerous'

First by air, now by sea. China's new Marine Defense Identification Zone that took effect on Jan. 1 is called a giant sea grab and has drawn the United States' ire. By Heather Timmons


The Chinese Military is Still Hacking Away, While Using the NSA as Political Cover

A significant amount of public exposure from security groups has not stopped the PLA's hacking spree. By Heather Timmons


China Declares Russia the Winner in Snowden Showdown

The growing alliance between China and Russia is the stuff of American diplomatic nightmares. By Heather Timmons