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Jacqueline Feldscher

Senior National Security Correspondent

Jacqueline Feldscher is Defense One's Senior National Security Correspondent. She comes to the organization from Politico, where she was National Security and Space Reporter. Before that, Feldscher covered defense issues in Congress and at the Pentagon for the Washington Examiner, the Washington Times, and Navy Times, covering the Navy and Coast Guard. She’s a graduate of Boston University, and holds a master’s in journalism from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University.

Time Crunch for Afghanistan Withdrawal Is Producing a Big Trash Pile

One senator objects to the way troops are destroying equipment they don’t have time to sort. But there are reasons for it.


Lawmakers Scold Pentagon for Leaving Afghanistan Without ‘Over-the-Horizon’ Plan

“Why would we leave Bagram when we don’t have an alternative closer than UAE?” said the Armed Services Committee’s top Republican.


Pentagon Has No Plans to Shoot Down Free-falling Chinese Rocket

Secretary Austin is monitoring the large rocket’s decaying orbit, but spokesman says it’s “too early” to develop options to intercept.


Proposed Space National Guard Gathers Momentum

A space-focused branch of the Guard would aim to give the Space Force “a surge-to-war capability” in times of conflict.


No ‘Boogeyman’: Why the Bin Laden Raid Might be the Last Unifying Moment for US Foreign Policy

The changing threat facing the country and a growing political divide means there’s no common enemy around which Americans can unite.


US ‘Won’t Ignore’ Terrorism at Home or Abroad, Biden Tells Congress

The change in the threat environment is part of why American troops should withdraw from Afghanistan, the president said.


Pelosi: Milley ‘Doesn’t Know the Full Picture’ of Jan. 6 Capitol Attack

House speaker says Trump administration delayed military assistance to lawmakers.