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John Gans

University of Pennsylvania's Perry World House

John Gans is director of communications and research at the University of Pennsylvania’s Perry World House. He is the author of White House Warriors: How the National Security Council Transformed the American Way of War.

Enacting Trump’s Revenge Campaign at the NSC

The cuts to the National Security Council have less to do with making government better than with making it purer.


Donald Trump Looks More and More Like Oliver North

Iran-Contra was also about a foreign policy run from inside the White House and outside the law.


Robert O’Brien Should Have to Face Senate Confirmation

Requiring congressional approval would be good for Trump, good for his choice for national security adviser, and good for the country.


How Not to Run the World

Once upon a time, the American commitment to regularity in meetings and reasoned decision making allowed the rest of the world to sleep a little easier.