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Jon Wolfsthal

Director, American Nuclear Policy Initiative

Jon B. Wolfsthal is senior Advisor to Global Zero and former Senior Director at the National Security Council for arms control and Nonproliferation. He directs the American Nuclear Policy Initiative.

With Iran, First Prevent the Nukes

If Tehran gets the Bomb, every other regional problem immediately gets a lot harder.


Force Won’t Much Slow Iranian Nuclear Progress, But Something Else Can

The historical record shows that diplomacy can do what force alone has not.


Trump’s Nuclear Policy Has Failed

Recognizing that blunders and bad ideas have undermined stability and security is the first step toward recovery.


A US-Russia-China Arms Treaty? Extend New START First

Trump’s proposed pact is likely a pipe dream — or a smoke screen for scuttling yet another arms-control agreement.


Give Up on Denuclearizing North Korea

The question now is how to convince it not to use its weapons.


Scuttle the Iran Nuke Deal? That Approach Didn’t Stop North Korea

The Trump administration should learn from George W. Bush’s 2002 decision to tear up an intact, if imperfect, nuclear agreement.