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Joseph R. DeTrani

Joseph R.  DeTrani
Joseph R. DeTrani, is president of the Intelligence and National Security Alliance. He previously was the Director of the National Counterproliferation Center, the North Korea Mission Manager for the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, and the Special Envoy for the Six Party Talks with North Korea.

Ten Years After ODNI, Why Intelligence Needs More People, Money and Trust

Ten years after ODNI, the intelligence community needs more money and people -- and a better public explanation of what we do.


When Interrogations Began: A View From Inside the CIA

I remember what it was like at Langley on 9/11. This is what it felt like. By Joseph R. DeTrani


Deciphering Obama’s Necessary Message to the Intelligence Community

President Obama’s NSA speech was what the public, and intelligence workers, needed to hear. The president of one intelligence group explains why. By Joseph R. DeTrani

Science & Tech

More Basic Research is Needed to Enhance America's National Security Capabilities

Money in this realm reaps dividends and can create the technology and tools needed to combat the threats of tomorrow. By Allan Sontesby and Joseph R. DeTrani