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Josh Horwitz

Josh is a correspondent for Quartz who covers internet business and technology in Asia. He has lived in Shanghai, Beijing, and the great city of Taipei, where he studied Mandarin through the Taiwan Ministry of Education's Huawei Enrichment Scholarship. He now calls Hong Kong home. Josh's obsessions include China's internet, streaming media, and the future of transportation. He'd love to hear from you.

Blindsiding Pentagon & Allies, Trump Says US Will End Military Drills with S. Korea

Analysts noted that Trump received nothing but vague statements in return for the concession.


US Anti-Missile Batteries Arrive in South Korea, Touching Off Geopolitical Tumult

The weapon’s deployment converges with other tensions among China, Japan, North Korea, South Korea, Malaysia, and the United States.


China's Military Just Released a Rap Video to Recruit Young Soldiers

Displaying rockets and fighter jets, it aims to show how Beijing's army is 'a powerful force as modernized as the United States military.'


China's Latest Bizarre Propaganda Videos Use Batman and Mr. Bean to Explain State Secrets

The five videos try to describe two laws that lay out the party’s stance on national security. They get very bizarre very quickly.