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Justin Sherman

Justin Sherman is a Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative.

The U.S. Should Get Serious About Submarine Cable Security

Three trends are accelerating risks to underwater cables’ security and resilience. 


How the Kremlin Targets Lies, and Truths, about Russia’s COVID Response

Chief prosecutor sheds light on Moscow’s recent efforts to control the messages that Russians receive about the coronavirus pandemic.


Putin Takes Another Step in Bid to Control Russia’s Internet

One center of resistance to the Kremlin’s attempt to bring the country’s internet access under central control is being brought to heel.


Russia’s ‘Data Localization’ Efforts May Guide Other Governments

Moscow’s efforts to keep data on home soil are of interest to other authoritarian states — and even some liberal democracies.


Don’t Call It an ‘Arms Race’: US-China AI Competition Is Not Winner-Takes-All

The most common framing of the two countries’ artificial-intelligence development is dangerous.


As Exports of Surveillance Tech Rise, Freer Countries Face a Choice

How far will societies pursue security along paths paved by dictators?


The US Military Just Partially Banned Geolocatable Cellphones. That's a Start.

The consequences of Internet-of-Things insecurity on national security should now be clear.