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Lily Kuo

Lily Kuo
Lily Kuo is a reporter at Quartz covering emerging markets. She previously reported general news for Reuters. Her work has appeared in the Los Angeles Times, The New York Times, the South China Morning Post in Hong Kong and the China Post in Taiwan. She holds a dual master’s degree in international affairs from Peking University and the London School of Economics. She graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Climate Change Is Increasing the Risk of War in Africa: Study

Rising temperatures and changing water patterns are among a host of destabilizing factors, a new study finds.

Science & Tech

In Libya, You Can Buy an Anti-Aircraft Gun on Facebook

An online marketplace for illicit weapons is thriving in the Middle East and North Africa, according to a recent study that found sales of machine guns, rocket launchers, and anti-aircraft guns on private Facebook groups in Libya.


After Guantanamo, Two Detainees Try To Put Their Lives Back Together in Ghana

Here’s how the Yemeni men are being treated and what they say about their long incarceration.

Science & Tech

African States Hop on the Network Surveillance Bandwagon

Governments in Sudan, Nigeria, South Africa and Ethiopia are the latest to deploy sophisticated network eavesdropping tools against their citizens.


Burkina Faso's Elite Troops Just Took Control of the Country

The West African nation is no stranger to military coups. And the latest caps months of tension between the transitional government and a unit of shadowy presidential security guards.


China Warns of 'Inevitable' War with US Over South China Sea

China’s State Council just announced a new 'active defense' military strategy in a white paper criticizing 'external countries…meddling in South China Sea affairs.'


China Says North Korea Has More Nukes Than the US Thought

North Korea watchers have argued that it may be too late to stop North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. China just reportedly backed that up in a big way.

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China Is Building a $46B Railroad Through Pakistan's Insurgency

A new 1,500-mile network of highways, rails and oil pipelines will run through one of the world’s most dangerous regions, Pakistan’s volatile Balochistan province.


Kenji Goto's Death Is Forcing Japan To Rethink Fighting Terrorism

Tokyo is quickly coming to a geopolitical crossroad. Will it become more assertive globally after this attack?


The Islamic State Threat May Be Extending to the Asia-Pacific

Australian security forces raided hundreds of homes of suspected ISIL supporters in Sydney and Brisbane after intelligence revealed plans of a public beheading. By Lily Kuo


China Has a Lot to Lose in Iraq

Beijing is Baghdad’s biggest customer for oil exports. Now, with Iraq on the brink of all-out war, China may have the most to lose. By Lily Kuo


Inside China's $132 Billion Military Budget

China's growing military budget is only second to the United States. By Lily Kuo


Is This Submerged Rock East Asia's Next Flashpoint?

Caught between China, Japan and South Korea, this underwater island could become become another spot where tempers flare. By Lily Kuo


Guantanamo Prison Complex Pricetag: $5.24 Billion

The operating costs for the Guantanamo prison complex will be more than $454 million this year. The cost of running a U.S. maximum security prison? Just $70,000 a year. By Lily Kuo