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Matt Schiavenza


Artillery, Protests, and Giant Balloons Mark Rising Korean Tensions

North and South Korea, locked in one of the world’s most intractable conflicts, exchanged fire on Thursday.


Turkey's ISIS Escalation Just Bought a Brutal Regime More Time

Ankara’s decision to attack ISIS and the recent Iranian nuclear deal both benefit the flagging efforts of Bashar al-Assad's army in Syria.


Carter: The US Military Is Training an Iraqi Army That Doesn't Want To Fight

The main problem with Iraq's battered and depleted military is the same one facing Iraq as a whole—the country effectively no longer exists as a unified state.


Russia, China Grow Closer With New Cyber Agreement

Xi Jinping’s appearance at Vladimir Putin’s side at the Victory Parade in Moscow signifies a deepened relationship based on a common adversary: the U.S.


Afghanistan Says ISIS Has Come

A suicide bombing in Jalalabad could signal the terrorist group's foothold in other unstable countries.


Is There a Future for Russia Without Vladimir Putin?

Even if the president reappears, his absence reveals the chilling degree to which he has consolidated power in the country.


ISIS Appears To Have Executed Its Second Japanese Hostage

The Japanese journalist Kenji Goto, whom ISIS appears to have killed on Saturday, devoted his life to highlighting the plight of children in refugee zones.


How an ISIS Beheading Might Change Japan

The apparent murder of Haruna Yukawa may compel Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to press for re-militarization. By Matt Schiavenza


Why North Korea Sanctions Are Unlikely To Be Effective

President Obama's punishment allows him to fulfill his promise to respond to the Sony hack, but probably won't have much effect on the country. By Matt Schiavenza


Al-Shabab Escalates Its War Against 'Infidel Powers'

A recent history of Kenya's escalating conflict with the Somali militant group al-Shabab. By Matt Schiavenza


Has China Finally Reached Great Power Status?

With the commitment to climate change legislation and other cooperative deals, China no longer is taking a back seat in global diplomacy. By Matt Schiavenza


Destroying ISIS Goes Beyond Killing Its Leadership

A U.S.-led coalition has reportedly killed a top aide to Islamic State leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. But getting rid of the terror group's leadership isn't going to be enough. By Matt Schiavenza


The Taliban Is Trying To Flame India-Pakistan Tensions

The attack at Wagah, where an elaborate ceremony symbolizes hope for peace between the two adversaries, killed 52 and injured more than 100. By Matt Schiavenza


Ukrainians Vote To Face West

Parliamentary elections showed impressive support for pro-European parties. But the impasse in Ukraine's eastern cities is no closer to resolution. By Matt Schiavenza


Why Nigeria Is Able To Beat Ebola, But Not Boko Haram

Faced with these two enormous crises, how has Nigeria handled one so well and the other so poorly? By Matt Schiavenza